Inspiring and leading to greatness

What does it take to inspire and lead others to greatness in their own lives and in the organizations they are part of? How do we draw out of them their potential and their giftedness? In the general sense, we have to convince them of what is possible. We will have to paint word pictures, cast vision, set goals etc. But in a very practical, “where-the-rubber-meets-the-road” sense, the work we have to do is more specific than that. As leaders, we must meet with people one-on-one and lead with questions, affirm their abilities, develop their perception of themselves and the world around them, and practically expand in their minds the realm of what is possible. Here are 4 specific and practical things you can do to inspire others:

  1. Tell stories of others who have accomplished that which they are reaching for.
  2. Demonstrating the capability of certain tools, instruments, and resources that can do far more than perhaps heretofore they have been used for.
  3. Give them tips, insights, and shortcuts to help them capitalize on their time and efforts.
  4. Help them to recognize results and wins as they come and celebrate those wins.

These practical steps will produce tangible growth and results in and from those who will receive your leadership and put into practice what they learn from you. The lynchpin to this entire reality of inspiring others is tapping into their internal motivation and their personal drive and self-discipline. Without tapping into this powerhouse of inner drive in others, our efforts will either fall on deaf ears or at least on unmotivated minds, and the results will not only be disappointing but may take you, the person you are leading or the organization on a backward trajectory. One last thought: would these 4 tips help to inspire you again in the work you are doing? Work this week on encouraging and inspiring and watch thing take off!


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