Leadership that points to truth

In a day and age where “fake news” is in all the headlines and “sin” and “truth” are all relative is there such a thing as leadership that points to truth? Is there really a place for leadership that believes in and works for truth? In short, I would say, yes, there is a place for it, a need for it and it is possible. Even in our pluralistic world of offended tolerance, moral ambiguity, and homogenized diversity, leadership that points to truth is possible and perhaps more needed now than ever.

To be servant leaders that point others to truth we must live by a code of conduct and a standard of principles. To point people to truth we must first live in such a way that people know that we believe there to be a definitive value system of right and wrong. Leadership that points to the truth leaves plenty of room for diversity, dialogue and differing methodologies while nonetheless pursuing a lifestyle of fidelity, integrity, authenticity and merit. Leaders cannot mock or belittle people who are different (or even people who have a wrong understanding) but leaders that pursue truth also cannot sit by passively while foundations are being undermined.

Let us point to truth by a consistent lifestyle, but secondly, let us also advocate for truth through active engagement of the societal needs around us. Advocating for truth means that we help serve the poor, encourage the downtrodden, strengthen the weak and give to those who need. Advocating for truth means that we understand that for evil to win good people simply have to do nothing and we can’t stand for that. Advocating for truth means aligning ourselves with programs, ministries, and causes that promote truth in the midst of helping people. Only truth will help people to have victory over circumstances instead of just putting a bandaid on a gaping wound or pretending that one meal can cure a nation’s struggle with poverty and hunger.

Lastly, in addition to modeling a lifestyle of truth and advocating for truth through service, we also need to speak for truth. In a day where free-speech is allowed only when it doesn’t offend and as such the tenor of “dialogue” is more about “one size fits all” philosophy, leadership that points to the truth can’t be afraid to say “no blue is not green, up is not down and sin is not okay”. Speaking of truth doesn’t mean being everyone’s judge and jury but it does mean that we clearly speak of that which we know is truth (the Bible!) and we don’t apologize for it. Speaking of truth though must also incorporate a living of truth which means that truth is not a weapon for destroying but rather a tool for setting captives free.

Please pursue truth, it will set you free and then don’t be afraid of modeling it, advocating for it and speaking it, it is truly the only way that the next generation of leaders will not merely settle for what is commonly accepted even to the exclusion of what is really able to help and save.


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